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We are indebted above all to the National Science Foundation for a series of grants that have supported FrameNet: first under grant IRI #9618838, March 1997 - February 2000, "Tools for lexicon-building"; then under grant ITR/HCI #0086132, September 2000 - August 2003, entitled "FrameNet++: An On- Line Lexical Semantic Resource and its Application to Speech and Language Technology"; and a small but much appreciated supplement in 2004. In addition to the basic support for building the FrameNet lexical database, the project has also received some NSF funding in the form of a subcontract from grant IIS-0325646 (Dan Jurafsky, PI) entitled "Domain-Independent Semantic Interpretation" for providing full-text FrameNet-style annotation of texts also annotated in the PropBank project.

More recently, we have been fortunate to receive several NSF grants targeted at more specific tasks: our work on Rapid Vanguarding has been made possible by #0535297 "IIS: Rapid Development of a Frame Semantic Lexicon", and the preliminary study on aligning WordNet and FrameNet by #0705155 "RI: Collaborative Proposal: Complementary Lexical Resources: Towards an Alignment of WordNet and FrameNet". Our collaboration in the ANC MASC annotation is funded by an ICSI subcontract from an NSF grant to Prof. Nancy Ide at Vassar, #0708952, "CRI: CRD A Richly Annotated Resource for Language Processing and Linguistics Research". Two recent projects have ended: a small study on construction annotation funded by #0739426 "SGER: Beyond the Core: A Pilot Project on Cataloging Grammatical Constructions and Multiword Expressions in English" (Charles Fillmore, PI), and a related project at ICSI, called Mutaphraser, which was producing paraphrases on the basis of FN frames and sentence annotations, supported by NSF #0713627, RI: "Paraphrasing using Lexico-Semantic Resources" (Adam Janin PI).